Lumpy Misshapen Moon

I once met a human who would shriek. Shriek at the sky and call it slurs. Not like a banshee but with a soothing tone, a crack in their voice at times. That night i witnessed thus human using the tiniest of tools to hurt itself. Each night i rose and tossed my love. The […]

Love’s first eclipse

Little people on a floating rock in a big universe. Trapped inside huge vastness’ of black space. Black matter longs and awaits for any warmth. Two little people and millions of possibilities brought by fate. Huge yet tiny among space. Two humans two poets who feel calamity and beauty at the palm of each other’s […]


In a world that is lived in by many things. Many people. It is instinct and human nature to wonder. It floats, this hijab. It carries the vibrant colors of red- Splashed with war. Speckled with strength. It is not wrong. Immoral is our actions towards the people with different religious views. See more than […]

Tournoiement de beauté

Beauty is like the moon moving all the humming heavens to an angels voice. The way the stars with their wounded knees and scared bodies burst into endless songs. Perhaps it’s you swaying in the air to all the songs you know and do not know turning modest flowers loose, Or Is it I? At […]


The sun danced but the danced kept at it heat heat heat the sun sets the ballroom in flames pop pop pop our touches spark. spin spin spin my way whisper whisper whisper earth is whispering on and off about this dancer how her favorite song ran through her vines as quickly as it entered […]


You were my shooting star but they were my wish. I was screaming government conspiracies at the top of my lungs last night while viewing the dimly lit stars make their way towards the sun so graceful so blind ful don’t pace to look. your screams will turn into shuttering inhalations you’ll be at the […]


I’d like to point out that school hallways are indeed like crowded interstates. From the beginning of time I held a tight grip on my school backpack. I watched out for the signs and the guides. In kindergarten I cried I saw cars many cars zooming. 4th day of kindergarten I had a leak. Leaks […]