In a world that is lived in by many things.
Many people.
It is instinct and human nature to wonder.
It floats, this hijab.
It carries the vibrant colors of red-
Splashed with war.
Speckled with strength.
It is not wrong. Immoral is our actions towards the people
with different religious views.
See more than the cloth!
Direct your eyes
Towards the girl behind the hijab.
Whose beautiful hair is treasurly tucked.
She wears it not for us but herself and Allah.
Let us learn to compliment her mind!
Not her body.
Ask what she values and her beliefs
soften this world that free flows with biased assumptions-
With islamophobia.
I’m tired.
You should be to.
To the girl with the hijab who floated in an ocean filled with judgement.
I love you.


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