I’d like to point out that school hallways are indeed like crowded interstates.
From the beginning of time I held a tight grip on my school backpack. I watched out for the signs and the guides. In kindergarten I cried I saw cars many cars zooming.
4th day of kindergarten I had a leak. Leaks were very common in the route I took daily but this one was of quite embarrassment. I remember the sirens the drills ringing in my ears when they’d play the drills. I didn’t like that my arms above my head as if I was tuning out the loud noises. We all ran towards the playground. I held my pebble in between my tiny hands, my light up shoes slipped within the pavement and I fell. My pebble of life got lost, I searched and searched
it took years of searching. Year by year I grew to love those other pebbles along the sidewalk until I found closure.
10th Grade I’m holding my hands around a steering wheel. On the interstate my smile sparkles on a rainy day.
My friend exclaims, “how can you possibly be smiling when it’s raining?”
“She’s taught me how to love the rain.”
The rain drops run down the silky windows. I don’t have to look to the side. I know she’s there. She watches out for me, I don’t have leaks because she reminds me that when I spill she’ll help dry the tears. There are cracks in pavements but I know they’ll be filled in, there were cracks in me but her soul is what makes me alive. There are guides and there are signs. I see the speed limit and smile. I don’t think I can possibly get a speed ticket for my accelerated heart beat. My speedometer of life roars. I’m not slipping my shoes press gently on the brakes. She reminds me to stop and when to go. When I run out of the car on a rainy day I don’t fall. The pebble of my life isn’t in my big hand grip now. I don’t have to rummage through. It’s somewhere it won’t be lost. She won’t drown as long as I keep her beside me in the warmth of my heart. She’s in my heart.


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