Black Hole Story Part 1

In the beginning there were galaxies out of them all there was this special one. One that humans in the early ages didn’t have technologies to spot it. In it there was a star who had been a guardian for a pretty long time. This star held the name A 26389. Kate was one lucky star. She saw for the atoms that would free themselves and most importantly the holes. She would play songs on her ukulele for all to hear. The black holes earlier that day she noticed there was one that sucked out. Like a human trying to cough. She was really aware of the dangers, there were many. This was new. The moon was softly singing to the black hole. Earth unaware of its pull on the moon sneezed. It went AAA CHOOOO watching slowly as the moon was dragged along. Its voice slurred with the solar wind. The moons voiced croaked poetry. Words words words that were carried among rocket fuel reached the farthest of solar wind.


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