I love you because you have it all.
You have passion in your eyes and resilience in your bones.
You have stretch marks that make beautiful reflections and splash into your skin.
I am in love because you have hair that never fails to look
richly colored, impressive, and striking.
.I love the melody colors of your hair and how every strand is holding on to your beautiful mind.
How your sweetness splits my stone cold lips and makes me bleed out negativity.
I love you because you’re the most beautiful thing in the universe.
I love you because people look at you as a tropical storm.
That fumbles at times and takes their time.
Not me.
I look at you like you’re the bulletproof flower that grows no matter what.
I love you because you are my spring.
Because you came after my distressful winter.
You’ve made me bloom
You’ve defrosted the chains that held me into the winter.
You warmth my heart and began placing the pieces back.
You are my spring because your words become butterflies.
Landing on every inch of my skin
Sucking the toxic and taking flight.
Your love rains down so hard with the purest intentions.
I love you because when the yelling turns your head into a twisted knot.
My fingers race gravity in a match to pull.
To pull your sweet thoughts
from trampling the troublesome thoughts.
I still love you.